Tax Law Firm - Paris

Hourly rate billing

Generally, the firm’s fees are based on the time spent on a client file at an hourly rate of between €250 and €400 before tax, varying according to criteria such as the difficulty of the case or the experience of the lawyer handling the case.

The detail of the applied hourly rates is as follows:

  • Partners: €400
  • Associates: €250
Success fee

A success fee may not constitute the sole remuneration. This billing method involves the execution of a fees agreement stating the amount of the success fee and the method used to calculate the success fee (percentage of the amount of obtained rebates or tax savings).

Fixed fee

In accordance with our client, it may be decided to set a specific and overall flat rate.
In this case, the fees cover all the legal or tax proceedings involved, but do not include expenses or costs, or the remuneration of other intermediaries (such as filing services, bailiffs, specialized barristers…).