Tax Law Firm - Paris


Anticipate and defend

A novel and high-specialized approach

Tax evasion or tax fraud laundering procedures have been growing in the last years.

With proven experience in tax audits and tax litigation, our firm has developed specific and unique expertise in defending taxpayers who are heavily prejudiced in tax matters.

SAND AVOCATS’ novel and optimized approach involves defining coordinated support for its clients, using the skills of specialized criminal business lawyers, its network members and, in particular, the law firm of TAMALET & ASSOCIATES, from the start of operations.

This strong synergy between SAND AVOCATS and TAMALET & ASSOCIATES:

  • Allows anticipation of any criminal action directed against its clients through the mastery of both procedures as well as practices and guarantees for each matter
  • Ensures the taxpayer innovative overall effective strategy for tax and criminal issues
  • Secures acceptable criminal penalties and tax consequences